The Tequesta of Biscayne Bay

The Tequesta of Biscayne Bay


  1. The students will be able to identify characteristics of the Tequesta tribe.
  2. The students will be able to compare and contrast this tribe to the Calusa tribe.
  3. The students will be able to explain why the Tequesta did not become a large or powerful tribe.
  4. Students will be able to explain the role of the Shaman in the Tequesta society.


Sunshine State Standards Benchmarks:

SS.8.A.3.15: Examine this time period (1763-1815) from the perspective of historically under-represented groups (children, indentured servants, Native Americans, slaves, women, working class).
Depth of Knowledge: N/A     Date Adopted or Revised: 12/08

 SS.8.A.3.16: Examine key events in Florida history as each impacts this era of American history.
Depth of Knowledge:
N/A     Date Adopted or Revised: 12/08




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Suggested Activities:

  1. Have the students identify the southeastern coastal area on a map of Florida. Label Biscayne Bay, the Miami River, and the Everglades. The students can also add pictures of the various plants and animals they used for food.
  2. Using a Venn diagram have the students compare and contrast the types of food eaten by the Tequesta Indians and the Tocobaga (or Calusa).
  3. Have the students research more about the Tequesta Indians, such as the type of homes they lived in, the clothes they wore, etc., using the web sites provided.
  4. Design your own FCAT style questions modeled after those found in the first three installments of this Florida History Series.
  5. Complete and review FCAT-style questions.

(Note: Actual FCAT practice passages are wrtten at the students' independent reading level. These Florida History selections are written at the students' instructional reading level. Therefore, students should not be asked to complete the questions until after receiving class instruction on the vocabulary and content of the passage. Students should also read the Florida History selection independently before answering the FCAT questions and be permited to return to the selection for rereading as they answer.)