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A tour of The Castillo de San Marcos

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Pedro Menendez Claims Florida


  1. The students will be able to identify how Menendez helped to establish Spanish missions in Florida.
  2. The students will be able to identify how St. Augustine was established by Pedro Menendez in 1565.

Sunshine State Standards Benchmarks:

LA. The student will demonstrate effective listening skills and behaviors for a variety of purposes, and demonstrate understanding by paraphrasing and/or summarizing;
Depth of Knowledge: N/A     Date Adopted or Revised: 01/07    

  LA. The student will use effective listening and speaking strategies for informal and formal discussions, connecting to and building on the ideas of a previous speaker and respecting the viewpoints of others when identifying bias or faulty logic;
Depth of Knowledge: N/A     Date Adopted or Revised: 01/07

  LA. The student will select and use a variety of creative oral language techniques for clarity and effect (e.g., connotation, denotation, hyperbole, understatement);
Depth of Knowledge: N/A     Date Adopted or Revised: 01/07      


commissioned mantanzas outposts
treaty staunch convert

Suggested Activities:

  1. Discuss with students the ever recurring theme in history of different groups being hostile to each other on a scale that is totally unacceptable anywhere in the world today. Bring current events into this discussion as a summary device.
  2. Have the students read the article using the SQ3R approach.
  3. Have the students complete a character map on Menendez.
  4. Have the students take a "tour" of the Castillo de San Marcos link on the page.
  5. Complete and review FCAT questions.

(Note: Actual FCAT practice passages are written at the students' independent reading level. These Florida History selections are written at the students' instructional reading level. Therefore, students should not be asked to complete the questions until after receiving class instruction on the vocabulary and content of the passage. Students should also read the Florida History selection independently before answering the FCAT questions and be permitted to return to the selection for rereading as they answer.)