Spanish-American War for Cuba's Independence

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Spanish-American War

Spanish-American War for Cuba's Independence



  1. The students will be able to explain why the United States joined in the fight for Cuba's independence.
  2. The students will identify the key players in the Cuban revolution.
  3. The students will explain how Florida played an important military role in the war.

Sunshine State Standards Benchmarks:

SS.8.G.2.1: Identify the physical elements and the human elements that define and differentiate regions as relevant to American history.
Depth of Knowledge: N/A     Date Adopted or Revised: 12/08

 SS.8.G.2.2: Use geographic terms and tools to analyze case studies of regional issues in different parts of the United States that have had critical economic, physical, or political ramifications.
Depth of Knowledge: N/A     Date Adopted or Revised: 12/08


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Suggested Activities:

  1. Have the students locate Cuba on a map. Determine how many miles it is from Key West using the mileage key.
  2. Have the students search for additional information about Cuba, such as its geographical make-up, culture, businesses, etc.
  3. Using a map of Florida and Cuba, have the students label the cities used as military bases during the Spanish-American War. On a globe locate the Philippine Islands, Manila, Puerto Rico, and Guam.
  4. One of the rallying cries of the Spanish-American war was "Remember the Maine". Have your students dig up what they can--including some of the most interesting new research...
  5. Jose Marti was the leader of the revolution. Compare him with other notable Cuban leaders.

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