Learning Strategies

All those strategies you hear about in workshops and seminars are explained right here.






Guaranteed to build strong minds twelve ways!

Previewing Teaching students how to read the materials we give them is as important a skill as there is.

K-W-L This is a nice strategy to use when introducing new material.

Graphic Organizers There's a ton of 'em!

Cause and Effect Tree A perfect way to organize thoughts in a graphic manner.

Two-Column Notes for Causes and Effect  This is an oldie but a goodie!

Character Frames This is an easy way to analyze a character from a book or story.

Flap Books This is a sure fire winner in any classroom.

Story Clock Using a clock face as a graphic organizer.

Hierarchical Summaries We used to call these outlines.

Opinion/Proof Notes Just because you say it's true doesn't make it true. This taken from the Don't confuse me with the facts! file. Every history teacher should already be using this one.

Plot Diagram A way for students to keep track of a story.

Reciprocal Reading A way to review, reteach, and reinforce material in any classroom.


Three Column Notes Just like a Venn diagram, only in columns.

Venn Diagrams Just like Three Column Notes, only in circles.

Timelines These things are as old as, well, time!

Vocabulary Prediction/Confirmation Vocab workout.

C(2)QU (See Two Cue You) Another Vocab workout.

Vocabulary Mapping Still another Vocab workout!