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Agriculture Photo Resources


George Wedgworth

South Florida Canals

Senator Phil Lewis

Governor Napoleon Broward

Group Portrait

Cut Sugarcane

Fritz Stein, Sr.

John Beach

George Morikami

Yamato Colony

Conners Highway

Rev. Elbridge Gale

Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Fanjul

Harlan P. Dye

Steamer on the Loxahatchee

Gale's House

West Palm Beach Canal

Windella Plantation

Carleton R. Milear

Map of Palm Beach County

Elfrida and Alfred Erickson

Combine Machinery

George Morikami

Hurricane 1928

Equestrian Jumping

Canal Point

Ruth Wedgworth

Bass Fishing

1928 Hurricane

Migrant Workers

Osceola Mill

Florida East Coast Railroad

Hamilton Disston

Woodlawn Cemetery

Wedgworth Laboratory

Orange Groves

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sakai

Sugarcane After Harvest

August Butts

"Red" Mounts

Lake Okeechobee

Roth Farms

Boca Raton, 1900

Harvester-Packing Combine

F.E. Bryant

Field Workers

Erickson Family

Augustus Oswald Lang

Harvesting Sugarcane

Lawrence E. Will

Southern Everglades

Cucumber Plant

Peppers at Plant

Sugar Mill

Knollwood Groves

Mass Burial Site

John Beach

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