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South Florida Culture and Ceramic Chronology


Cultural and Ceramic Chronology for South Florida Areas

Glades Region
Glades III AD 1200-1763
Ceramics: Glades Plain, Surfside Incised, Glades Tooled, European goods
Glades II AD 750-1200
Ceramics: Goodland Plain, Glades Plain, Opa Locka Incised, Miami Incised, Key Largo Incised, Metacumbe Incised, Plantation Pinched
Glades I (late) AD 500-750
Ceramics: Goodland Plain, Glades Plain, Gordon’s Pass Incised, Sanibel Incised, Cane Patch Incised, Ft. Drum Incised, Ft. Drum Punctated, Opa Locka Incised
Glades I (early) 500 BC-AD 500
Ceramics: Glades Plain, Goodland Plain
Archaic Period before 500 BC
Ceramics: Fiber Tempered

Okeechobee Region (Belle Glade Area)
Belle Glade IV AD1200/1400-1700
Ceramics: Belle Glade Plain, European goods
Belle Glade Period III AD 600/800-1200/1400
Ceramics: Belle Glade Plain, St. Johns Checked Stamped
Belle Glade Period II AD 200-600/800
Ceramics: Sand Tempered Plain, Belle Glade Plain, St. Johns Stamped, Dunns Creek Red
Belle Glade Period I 1000 BC-AD 200
Ceramics: Semi Fiber Tempered Plain, Sand Tempered Plain, St. Johns Simple Stamped
Archaic Period before 1000 BC
Ceramics: Fiber Tempered

East Okeechobee Region
East Okeechobee IV AD 1500-1763
Ceramics: St. Johns Checked Stamped, European goods
East Okeechobee III AD 1000-1500
Ceramics: St. Johns Checked Stamped
East Okeechobee II AD 800-1000
Ceramics: St. Johns Plain, Sand Tempered Plain
East Okeechobee I 750 BC-AD 800
Ceramics: Sand Tempered Plain, Belle Glade Plain
Archaic Period before 750 BC
Ceramics: Transitional, Fiber Tempered ceramic

Caloosahatchee Region
Caloosahatchee V AD 1500-1750
Ceramics: Leon-Jefferson, European goods
Caloosahatchee IV AD 1350-1500
Ceramics: Belle Glade Plain, Glades Tooled, Safety Harbor Incised, Pinellas Incised
Caloosahatchee III AD 1200-1350
Ceramics: Belle Glade Plain, St. Johns Check Stamped, Englewood
Caloosahatchee II AD 500-1200
Ceramics: Belle Glade Plain, Belle Glade Red, Glades Red, Pasco, Weeden Island
Caloosahatchee I 500 BC-AD 500
Ceramics: Thick Sand Tempered Plain, Laminated Sand Tempered Plain
Terminal Archaic 1200 BC-500 BC
Ceramics: Fiber Tempered, Semi Fiber Tempered
Late Archaic 2000 BC-1200 BC
Ceramics: Fiber Tempered, Orange Plain and Incised, Perico Plain and Incised, St. Johns Plain


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Precolumbian Cultural Chronology for Caloosahatchee Region,

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