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Henry H. Sanders

Henry H. Sanders (1840-1934) was born in England and came to the U.S. at 14 with his sister and brother Tom. During the Civil War, Henry and Tom served as scouts for the U.S. Cavalry in Kansas, where they homesteaded farmland and married sisters. Henry married Susanna Angeline Simpson (1848-1899), by whom he had seven children.

While their oldest son, William “Will” Henry (c. 1868-1967), attended college in Kansas, he met Hattie Gale (1870-1955) and followed her to Florida after graduation and married her. (See Gale)

Will operated a boat on Lake Worth and built a steam locomotive to clear land in Palm Beach. His father joined him in 1891, using his skills as carpenter, mason, and mechanic to help build the new area. Susanna and their married children chose to stay in Kansas, but Will’s sisters Rose (1880-1972) and Susan Margaret (1876-1977) came to Lake Worth in 1897, where Rose married Francis “Frank” Augustus Rowley in 1899. Susan taught briefly at a school in the woods west of Stuart, and then at the “octagon schoolhouse” on the Jupiter River, boarding with the Tancre family. She married Henry “Harry” DuBois (1871-1924) in 1898. (See DuBois)

Will and Susan Sanders returned to Kansas, where Will taught at Manhattan College. Before they left, Will and his father, playing piano and bass horn respectively, were members of Charles Pierce’s Hypoluxo String Band. Later Henry played tuba in The Lake Worth Band.

Henry was widowed and remarried in 1907 to Frances Debras (1840-1918), also from England. In the last years of his life, his widowed daughter, Susan DuBois, lived with him, when the 1928 hurricane caused the death of one of her granddaughters and took the roof off her father’s house.

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