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Timeline of Newspapers                  


Masthead of the Tropical Sun newspaper.

1891 Indian River News moves from Melbourne to Juno and renamed The Tropical Sun. In 1895 paper is moved to West Palm Beach. Over the years it moves between Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. The newspaper folds in 1956.


Masthead of The Gazetter.

1893 The Gazetteer, West Palm Beach’s first newspaper, begins publishing. In the 1896 fire, the paper is destroyed. Reopens as the Daily Lake Worth News in 1897.


Masthead of The Weekly Lake Worth News.

1894 Weekly Lake Worth News begins publishing; folds in 1908.

1907 The Palm Beach Daily News, also known as the “Shiny


Masthead of the Palm Beach Daily News.

Sheet,” is founded when the Daily Lake Worth News changes its name.


Masthead of the Palm Beach County newspaper.

1909 Palm Beach County, weekly forerunner to The Palm Beach Post, founded.


Printing plant of The Lake Worth Weelky.


1912 The Lucerne Herald is founded; changes name in 1915 to Lake Worth Herald begins publication.

Delray Progress, Delray’s first newspaper, founded; it lasts only two years.

1916 Palm Beach County becomes The Palm Beach Post.

1922 The Palm Beach Times founded; changes name to The Evening Times in 1979 then merges with The Palm Beach Post eight years later.


Masthead of The Lake Worth Leader.

Lake Worth Leader begins publication; closes down by the 1950s 

1923 Delray Beach News founded.

1924 Everglades News established.


Masthead of The Everglades News.

1925 Palm Beach Independent newspaper founded; it closes in 1929.

1932 Pahokee News begins publication; it goes dormant during World War II and resumes in July 1946 but folds in the early 1980s.

Sam Schutzer establishes Our Voice, a Jewish newspaper in Palm Beach County; in 1975 it merges with Jewish Floridian.

1933 Clewiston News takes over Everglades News.

1937 The Tropical Sun changes name to Palm Beach Sun and folds in 1956.

1938 The Weekly Tattler, lasts only a short time, billed itself as Boca Raton’s only newspaper.

1940 Belle Glade Herald is in publication.

1948 Delray Beach Journal founded; it merges in 1959, with the Delray Beach News, owned by John H. Perry Jr., then-publisher of The Palm Beach Post, and becomes the News-Journal. It becomes a daily newspaper in 1962, and reverts to twice-a-week in 1963.


Masthead of The Pelican newspaper.

1949 The Pelican begins publication in Boca Raton; ceases publication in 1953.

1955 Florida Photo News, only African American newspaper in Palm Beach County, begins weekly publication.

1955 Boca Raton News begins publication as a weekly newspaper; switches to daily publication


Masthead of the Boca Raton News.

in 1969.

1957 Jupiter Courier begins publication.

1960 Sun-Sentinel publishes first editions in southern Palm Beach County.

1961 The Boynton Beach Star begins publication; ends in 1968.

1966 Delray Beach News Journal begins publishing Boynton Beach News Journal.

1980 Town-Crier newspaper, in Wellington, begins printing.

1983 News of Delray Beach, sister paper to the Boca Raton News, begins publication; both switch
to morning publications in 1986.

1983 Miami Herald launches Palm Beach County edition; fours years later, paper severely cuts back its Palm Beach County operations.

1986 Delray Beach News Journal and Boynton Beach News Journal print their last editions.

1987 Belle Glade Herald renamed The Sun.


Masthead of La Palma newspaper.

2004 La Palma, a Hispanic oriented newspaper, is published by The Palm Beach Post; it ceases
publication in 2010.



The Tropical Sun printing plant, West Palm

Beach, 1904.

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The Tropical Sun:
Florida Digital Newspaper Library, University of Florida Digital Collections,

Boca Raton News, The Palm Beach Post and Times, The Palm Beach Daily News, and other historic newspapers:
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